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Sujet : Need some help with a strange Battlefront 2 campaign Bug.

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    décembre 2019
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    Need some help with a strange Battlefront 2 campaign Bug.

    So I decided to replay the campaign and on the very first mission everytime I go into pov mode as the droid the screen goes dark. Not fully black because you can barely see some outlines but too dark to navigate. When I pause the screen comes up and shows everything as it should be but unpause and back to darkness. Everything works just fine in the third person sections but I can't new projects in mulund get past going through the air ducts because I can't see anything. Anyone have any idea's of of what to do? I have tinkered will all the video settings in options but there's not much you can really change on Xbox. 1 bhk in mulund My next move would be to uninstall and re-install but I'm hoping somebody here might have a better idea cause I really don't want to have to do that with a 75GB game. Any help would be appreciated. I have already tried turning the brightness all the way up, tried all the different color settings and toggled all other video options on or off. commercial real estate consultant
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